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Samurai Kembu Show

Samurai Kembu Show

The one hour stage show is performed by our kembu masters. You can satisfy your intellectual curiosity with in-depth talks.


In Japan, there are a lot of traditional arts. The tea ceremony, the flower arrangement, the Noh play, and etc. When these arts occur or how they approach a subject are different, but all therse traditional arts show the Japanese people's sence and way of thinking. Kembu, one of these traditional arts, show the culture of the warrior class, the samurai.

Traditional style Kembu

Traditional kembu uses Japanese short poems, whch were mostly written by Samurai before major events in their life.In feudal times, samurai were said to perform Kembu to give themselves courage or to achieve mental concentration. Wearing samurai cloths, holding a sword and fan, the samurai spirit is expressed through this traditional performing art.

Practices of the samurai

When Samurai are 6 years old they are given a sword. They learn the responsibility of carrying a dangerous weapon and also gain a sense of pride. We will show you some practices of the samurai.

   The ceremony of a 'Harakiri' (A seppuku)

Free style Kembu

You can enjoy the free style kembu performance based on a historical story.

Taking photos

After the performance you can take pictures with the masters.


Daytime show

Daytime show is only available in High seasons. (Cherry blossom season and Christmas & New Year season)

Doors open 13:00
Show 13:15-14:05
Photo 14:05-14:15
Finish 14:15
Evening show  Availalbe from Monday to Saturday
Doors open 17:00
Show 17:15-18:05
Photo 18:05-18:15
Finish 18:15

Fees (Tax included)     10% discount for 20 or more people

Adult 5-11 yrs old
JPY 3,000 JPY 2,000