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A stage performance of KEMBU by our masters.

  • Daytime Show 'JOHSAI'
  • Evening Show 'ODANI'

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Enjoy our samurai experience course.

  • Full lesson (90 min) - Sword, Fan, Kembu.
  • Light lesson (60 min)- Sword.

All with a samurai costume rental.

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Combination of "Lessson" & "Show"
You can get a package discount.(500yen-1000yen)

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  • 3 day (15 hours) Kembu training for foreign visitors
  • For Big groups/Private lesson

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General information

Kembu, literally meaning 'sword dance' is one of Japanese traditional performing arts that shows the samurai's culture and the spirituality with a Katana sword and a folding fan.

Samurai Kembu Theater, a dojo (training gym) of Kembu, offers both Kembu show and lesson programs for Kyoto visitors. You can learn about, and practice, some aspects of the etiquette of samurai classes with a chance to try on a traditional costume as well as a show performed by Kembu Masters. Here is your chance to step into the shoes of samurai and experience the cultural heritage of Japan!

  • Short time cultural experience with lesson & show
  • Located in the downtown of Kyoto
  • Various programs to satisfy your interests
  • All programs are provided in English. Pamphlets are in Japanese and English.
  • Open Monday to Saturday. (We can accept phone calls from 8:00 to 22:00 daily.)

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