Samruai Kembu, the Japanese traditional swordplay & performance

Lesson & Demonstration programs in Kyoto

Samurai kembu is one of the Japanese traditional performing arts. We express the Samurai spirit and culture through performances using the sword and the folding fan. SEIGA samurai kembu offers both performances and lessons for tourists as well as lessons for Japanese.

We hope you will be touched with the spirit of Japan through both watching our show and taking a lesson. Get a nice memory of Japan though experiencing Samurai culture at Samurqai Kembu Kyoto.

General information

  • Short time cultural experience with lesson & demonstration
  • Located in the downtown of Kyoto
  • Various programs to satisfy your interests
  • All programs are provided in English. Pamphlets are in Japanese and English.
  • Open from Monday to Saturday. (We can accept phone calls from 8:00 to 22:00 daily.)
    Sundays we are closed except for big groups/specials.

Recommended programs

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  • Program 1: Full lesson with costume & Demonstration

    Full lesson with costume & Demonstration

    Approximately 3 hours

    In this program you can experience a full kembu lesson with a chance to try on a traditional costume as well as a show performed by Kembu Masters.

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  • Program 4: Demonstration only

    Demonstration only

    Approximately 1hour

    The one hour stage show is performed by our kembu masters. You can satisfy your intellectual curiosity with in-depth talks. After the performance you can take pictures with the masters.

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